Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services

Upon our cleaning packages, we have a cooking add-on.
A reasonable number of hours will be needed for each session for the helper to complete all the cleaning and cooking tasks.
Requests with little hours for such a package usually have no matching rate.
You can let your helper know about it and they will do the extension for you.
Do note that additional hours are chargeable.
You can request to change a helper by logging into our AgentBong app and select [Change Helper] after the first task. There is no helper replacement fee.
A change of helper before the first task is not possible.
Only some of our babysitters can do some chores. However, you will have to specify that you need chores to be done so we can match the most suitable person for you.
As the supply is limited, we cannot guarantee such a helper is available.

Booking request

The matching process is done through the matching engine encoded into the app.
Having an account will allow you to manage your packages and tasks, and check your past records of completed tasks.
You can easily make a booking by downloading our mobile app called HelperGo at Google Play or App Store.
Alternatively, you can make a booking via our website directly.
Depending on your time and location, the matching might be longer than usual. We will usually contact you regarding any alternatives and flexibility to help the matching process. You will receive a notification through app once it has been matched.
This is up to each homeowner's preference. Some homeowners make arrangements with the helper to pick up their keys once they are matched. Others prefer to be at home during the task.
We highly recommend homeowners to make a booking at least a few days before to guarantee a match.
However, you are welcome to try for a match. We must stress that we will not be able to guarantee a helper in such a short notice.

Our Helpers

All helpers with HelperGo are local independent partners using the platform to connect with homeowners like yourself.
Only Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents (PR) are allowed to freelance as helpers.
It is illegal for others like foreign domestic workers to moonlight for a household other than the employer that has a contract with.
We only register and activate helpers who have been vetted by our company face-to-face.
We maintain our helper pool to strict quality standards and deregister helpers who are not performing to standard. Do let us know immediately if there are any issues with your helper and we will assist you.


In case of theft, please inform the police and us immediately and we will do our best to assist wherever required.
Kindly use our in app support and chat with us.
Our office hour is from Monday until Friday from 9am to 6pm except for public holidays.
If in any circumstances that the helper suggests going around HelperGo platform, please report to us immediately and we will provide one session to you for free.
If you hire our HelperGo helper directly not going through HelperGo platform, we will be unable to provide any support or customer service if there are any problems between you and the helper.